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Welcome to week 11 of the college football season.

Все, що стосується подій і концертів
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Welcome to week 11 of the college football season.

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This weeks top 25 match ups T. J. Watt Jersey , highlighted by Miss. St at Alabama.No. 8 Ohio State at No. 24 Michigan State; noon FOXNo. 18 Mississippi State at No. 1 Alabama; 3:30 CBSNo. 2 Clemson at No. 17 Boston College; 8:00 ABCThere is also a game at Heinz Field on Saturday involving the ACC Coastal Division leading Pitt Panthers and the Hokies of Va. Tech. A win on Saturday doesn’t guarantee anything for Pitt but who, and be honest, thought the Panthers had any shot at ACC championship gamethis year. Many were calling for Narduzzi’s to be fired, but would a championship game save his job. Personally I love the guy and hope he gets a shot a Clemson. Va Tech at Pittsburgh 3:30 ESPNU This weeks highlight game: No. 18 Mississippi State at No. 1 Alabama; 3:30 CBSAlabama Crimson Tide Ross Pierschbacher #71 C 6’4” 309Lester Cotton #66 Lester Cotton G 6’4” 325Jonah Williams #73 OL 6’5” 301Irv Smith Jr. #82 TE 6’4” 241Damien Harris #34 RB 5’11” 213Terrell Lewis #24 LB 6’5” 256Isaiah Buggs #49 DL 6’5” 286Raekwon Davis #99 DL 6’7” 316Anfernee Jennings #33 LB 6’3” 266Mack Wilson #30 LB 6’2” 239Deionte Thompson #14 S 6’2’ 196Christian Miller OLB #47 6’4” 244Mississippi State BulldogsNick Fitzgerald QB #76’4” 230Elgton Jenkins C #74 6’4” 313Darryl Williams G #73 6’2” 310Aeris Williams RB #266’1” 215Jeffery Simmons DL #94 6’4” 300Leo Lewis LB #10 6’1” 235Johnathan Abram S #38 6’ 215Jamal Peters CB #2 6’2” 218Montez Sweat Edge #9 6’6” 245Crimson Tide BreakdownIDL Quinnen WilliamsWilliams came out of nowhere from before this season, but he has made everyone take notice. I am starting to think this guy is not just the biggest riser, but also the best player in the draft. His hands are the best I have seen since Aaron Donald, and he is just so strong. He toys with everyone he faces and goes straight into the backfield with ease. Anything move you think he would want, he has it. He has a swim, rip, cross chop, club and it is all just beautiful. He plays with great pad level, and due to that, his fantastic first step is just so overpowered.His run defense is actually better, as he can just make about as many TFLs as you want to see Authentic Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , or his gap discipline is the best in the country, too. WIlliams is a complete prospect and is can’t miss star.Round Grade: Top 3NFL Comparison: Geno AtkinsTE Irv SmithHere is a guy with an athletic background, and boy does it ever show. Smith can fly for a tight end and makes some incredible catches with his extensive catch radius. He is super smart and can catch any ball in traffic if you want him to. Those hands are strong and he so easily turns catches into huge plays just off of his speed. He is actually an underrated blocker, but just is not strong enough yet to be a great one.His contested catch ability is somewhat lacking, which is concerning given his catch radius, and with less than ideal route running technique, Smith will need a good deal of time to refine his game. Add on top of that how raw of a blocker he is, and I expect Smith to be a day 2 type of project at TE.Round Grade: Early 3rdNFL Comparison: Chris HerndonILB Mack WilsonThe early ideal draft pick for the Steelers is Mack WIlson. This guy is a dude who can fly from sideline-to-sideline and not lose a step. His ability to work through traffic and evade blocks up front is some of the most impressive of his traits. No one is catching Wilson once he recognizes the play and comes flying downhill, as he is a rather sure-tackler too. His processing has been great, and man is he ever good in coverage. He can keep up with just about anyone on the field and have great coverage.The one knock on him is over-pursuing, which seems to be common for all athletic ILBs for some reason. Wilson needs to keep his angles tight in order to counteract that. Round Grade: Top 5NFL Comparison: Deion JonesBulldog BreakdownEDGE Montez SweatSweat has shown some fantastic improvement this year. His pad level has dramatically improved and his hips have loosened up, and it shows with how much bend he now has. The guy can bend as long as he uses his quick first step and gets those hands going. He likes the cross chop-rip combo, and it has worked well. His counter moves continue to improve as well.His run defense could use work, as he needs to set the edge better and then disengage too. That would be his one clear weakness , as a lot of runs are too his side, and man sometimes they go for a very, very long while, unfortunately. Round Grade: Mid 1stNFL Comparison: Ryan KerriganIOL Elgton JenkinsThis guy is a huge sleeper in terms of offensive linemen. He is way more polished than people realize. His hands are great. The placement is just as good as you could get and he shows out every time he is bull rushed or tested. His hips are so loose and he can get up to the second level easily due to it. His processing of stunts in pass protection are also great.He is not a great athlete, or entirely strong, the latter of which can be worked upon, but the biggest concern is a slightly narrow base. That allows the better IDL to beat him inside with rips and catch him off balance. He can still pull well with the lack of athletic traits, but he unfortunately can get evaded easier than one would like to see.Round Grade: Mid 3rdNFL Comparison: John SullivanSleepersUMass WR Andy Isabella #23Isabella is really quick type of guy that has great slot receiver traits. He is the type of receiver to completely dice up a defense based off of that quickness alone. He is precise and smart out of that slot too. His route tree is huge and he is super precise with his breaks and routes. He finds the open spots in the zone rather easily and has strong hands to make catches in traffic. His body control is also great.Of course, he is quick, but not fast and has yet to show he can truly be a great outside guy, which would relegate him to slot only. His contested catch ability is not very good and if he does not get separation there is a big issue. His release needs works and he can get caught up in press too often.Round Grade: Mid 3rdNFL Comparison: Danny AmendolaWyoming EDGE Carl Granderson #91I really like Granderson’s ability to bend around the edge and use his hands to maintain that leverage. His hands are violent and really tough to counter. His cross chop-rip combo is near unstoppable and he even has a spin to win inside. His run defense is spectacular and this year he has started to play lower and implement some bull rushing.He needs a better first step, no doubt, and his speed-to-power conversion needs work for said bull rush to be any of significance. He is not very athletic so that step will never be explosive, but the processing and quickness have to come with it , simply put. He also needs to get stronger to maintain gap discipline inside on the run.Round Grade: Mid 4thNFL Comparison: Nate Orchard...Let us know what games your watching and who you have your eye on this Saturday.Teams like the Steelers win games like the one against the Buccaneers on Monday night If you visit several Steelers’ sites around the World Wide Web, you’ll see a lot of pleas from fans telling everyone to relax, it’s early, it’s not time to panic. Really? I’ll give you that it’s early, but even at 0-1-1, if you think it’s not time to panic, I beg to differ. For starters, about three percent of NFL teams that begin 0-3 go on to make the playoffs. Yes, I know, if the Steelers lose to the Buccaneers at Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football, they will drop to 0-2-1, but that isn’t going to make me feel much better about their chances.No, a loss to Tampa would basically reshape the 2018 narrative, with the Steelers likely fighting tooth-and-nail during the next 14 weeks just to stay in the playoff hunt.Forget home-field advantage. Forget AFC North supremacy. Best case scenario: we’re talking road whites in early January , baby. And this is why I have a pretty good feeling the Steelers will win. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and I said, “Teams like the Steelers find ways to win games like these, while teams like the Bucs find ways to lose.”He didn’t necessarily get it, but let me try to explain this in college football terms:Picture a 12-0 Boise State team being denied one of the four playoff spots because the selection committee deemed the competition in their conference—the Mountain West Conference—too weak compared to the Big Ten’s and SEC’s of the college football world. Boise State half-heartedly accepts an invitation to the Fiesta Bowl to take on a Notre Dame squad that, at 8-4, is having a season a little below its usual standards and expectations. Fast-forward to New Year’s Day, the night of the game. Is anyone shocked when Notre Dame’s plethora of four- and five-star recruits puts everything together for sixty minutes and the Fighting Irish throttle Boise State by three touchdowns? Of course not. That was kind of the point I was trying to make to my friend.The Buccaneers couldn’t be riding higher right now after two weeks of the regular season. Following a 5-11 season in 2017, they went into New Orleans in Week 1 and put on an offensive show in a 48-40 win over the Saints. Last week, they knocked off the Super Bowl-champion Eagles at home, 27-21.Despite a suspension to start the season for quarterback Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay looks like one of the better offenses in the NFL, led by journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick —the man the Bucs’ faithful have dubbed “Fitzmagic,” thanks to a two-week span in which he’s completed 48 of 61 passes for 819 yards and eight touchdowns. Veteran receiver DeSean Jackson , at the age of 31, looks like one of the best deep threats in the NFL right now, averaging an astounding 30.5 yards per reception. Speaking of magic, the Buccaneers could really put a huge deposit down on a magical 2018 campaign on Monday night (and, in the process, put the Steelers’ season in foreclosure) by getting off to a 3-0 start in front of their home fans. Which, again, is why I don’t think it’ll happen. You can say what you want about the Steelers under head coach Mike Tomlin, but one thing they seem to have a knack for is winning football games when their backs are against the wall. The Steelers’ backs are against the wall.If you want to say Tomlin’s record against inferior teams is tangible evidence that his squad will lay an egg when facing such an opponent, then you must recognize his ability to have his players ready for stronger teams. Either the Steelers will be a true contender this year, or they won’t be, and a 1-1-1 start would certainly be a manageable record to use as a springboard for the rest of the season. Don’t be surprised if the Steelers pick this week to get up off of the mat and remind the football world they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

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