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Paper money is disappearing us, it does not have the buying pull that it formerly did years bef

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Paper money is disappearing us, it does not have the buying pull that it formerly did years bef

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SEOUL T.Y. Hilton Youth Jersey , Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in's approval rating rose for two straight weeks due to the so-called ""convention effect"" from his press conference to mark 100 days in office, a weekly survey showed Thursday.

According to the Realmeter poll, Moon gained 74.4 percent of support this week, up 2 percentage points from the previous week.

It was based on a survey of 1,522 voters conducted from Monday to Wednesday. It had 2.5 percentage points in margin of error with a 95-percent confidence level.

Moon's support scores advanced for two weeks in a row thanks mainly to his press conference last week to mark his 100th day in office.

It was often called ""convention effect"" as major events cause a positive effect and raise an approval rating of leaders.

President Moon said during last week's press conference that he will prevent another war from breaking out on the Korean Peninsula by all means, seeking to ease tensions on the peninsula.

Moon's ruling Democratic Party kept its top post with 52.9 percent in support scores this week, up 0.6 percentage points from a week earlier.

The main opposition Liberty Korea Party came next with 14.8 percent of support, down 2.1 percentage points from the previous week.

It was followed by the minor conservative Righteous Party and the centrist People's Party with 6.8 percent and 6.3 percent each this week. The minor progressive Justice Party won 5.5 percent of support.

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