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ot and cold chamber, though cold chambers ar

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PYONGYANG Cheap Serge Ibaka Jersey , Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) announced Wednesday that it will re-open the north-south hotline with South Korea in its truce village of Panmunjom, DPRK media reported.

The channel for communications will be reopened from 3:00 p.m. local time (0630 GMT) to discuss with South Korea the DPRK's participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The Korean Central Television showed a top official of the DPRK's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland reading an order by the country's top leader Kim Jong Un on re-opening the hotline.

The official said Kim highly appreciated the immediate and positive response from the South Korean authorities, after Kim expressed his willingness to send DPRK athletes to join in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang on Monday.

Kim has tasked relevant authorities of the DPRK to contact the South Korean side to take measures for preparing the country's participation in the event, the official said.

The north-south hotline was suspended after Seoul unilaterally announced the closing of an industrial park in the DPRK's border town of Kaesong following Pyongyang's fourth nuclear test in January 2016.

In his New Year's speech on Monday, Kim expressed his sincere wishes for the full success of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, saying the DPRK will take necessary measures to prepare to participate in the event.

TORONTO, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- Canada's main stock index rose Wednesday to a record high due to as a rally in commodity prices boosted the energy and materials sectors while healthcare gained over 6 percent as shares of marijuana companies jumped.

The Toronto Stock Exchange's benchmark Standard & Poor'sTSX Composite Index jumped 37.86 points, or 0.23 percent, to close the day at 16,203.13. Five of the 10 main groups closed higher.

Energy shares rose 1.6 percent, with Suncor Energy Inc up 2.5 percent to 45.82 Canadian dollars.

The materials sector, which includes precious and base metals miners and fertilizer companies, advanced 0.9 percent.

Teck Resources Ltd, which exports steelmaking coal and mines metals, including copper, climbed 3.1 percent to 33.33 Canadian dollars.

Aurora Cannabis rallied 11.1 percent and CanniMed Therapeutics rose nearly 4 percent, while Canopy Growth Co was the largest percentage gainer on the TSX. It surged 20.1 percent to 27.77 Canadian dollars.

The largest decliner on the index was Centerra Gold, which fell 10.3 percent to 6.50 Canadian dollars.

The heavyweight financials group lost 0.3 percent and technology shares declined 0.6 percent.

It’s been close to 3 years now since the first signs of economic trouble showed up. Things seem to get better, only to start slipping again. How will you survive this downturn? Will you come out the other side smiling or whining? Can you handle a layoff?

If you see a layoff looming in the horizon, then here are a few things you can do to survive the calamity

First, make sure that your skills are up to date. If you have been working at the same job for a long time, then this is the time to check out what skills are in demand. Take some community classes, or online courses to brush up on this and bring your skills on par with the expectations of the market.

Next, update your resume to show all your skills and experience. Spend a lot of time to make sure that your resume is just right. Your resume will be your one chance to get your foot in the door, and land an interview.

Next, start your business networking effort right away. Contact your old pals from school and previous work places so you will have your ducks in a row when the need arises. Update your profiles on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Clean up your other social networking profiles since a lot of companies snoop on your social profiles these days before hiring you.

At work, delay the inevitable as long as possible. Make sure it is hard for your employer to let go of you, by becoming the go to person for the job. Set up a good rapport with your manager and mend any old rivalries.

Finally, take a good and honest look at your current finances. If you have some debt, work on aggressively getting rid of it. If you don’t have any emergency savings, start putting together some money for the rainy day. Set up some side income streams to cover for all these expenses as well as a means to support yourself in the immediate days after layoff as you look for a new job.

How easy or difficult it is to deal with a layoff depends on how well prepared you are.

If you worry about your job situation, then check out these tips to prepare yourself for a layoff

What exactly is Die Casting?

That is an approach whereby molten metal is compelled at significant pressure into mildew cavities. These mold cavities, or dies, are reusable. It is actually one of many fastest and most cost-effective methods of manufacturing a variety of components.

Gravity die casting is actually a procedure employed in medium volume production, while stress die casting is used for substantial quantity creation. The die casting processes utilised at this time can include high-pressure approaches, from time to time approximately 4500 lbs per square inch. Die casting devices are commonly rated in clamping tons equal to the level of pressure they can exert. There are two fundamental forms of die casting devices, hot and cold chamber, though cold chambers are typically utilized for aluminium die casting along with other alloys with significant melting points. The truth is, sure alloys can not be utilized in hot chamber devices. These devices are rated because of the volume of clamping force which they use, everywhere from 2.5kg to 25k kg.

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