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Update: He’s reportedly finalizing a deal to be Kansas’ next head coach

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Update: He’s reportedly finalizing a deal to be Kansas’ next head coach

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Les Miles and LSU are officially divorced after settling the terms of his buyout. Miles took a lump sum of $1.5 million out of the $6.5 million he was still owed from the folks in Baton Rouge. His buyout would have been paid through 2023 if he had stayed under the agreement. It’s no secret that there has been flirtation between Miles and Kansas AD Jeff Long about the open KU coaching job. This ostensibly clears the way for Miles to take that job , or perhaps another elsewhere in the Power 5. But there’s one part of the logic here that makes this an interesting decision. What LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said does sort of explain things, but one thing that he said is curious (emphasis mine). That doesn’t quite square with the fact that Miles tried quite hard to move onto other jobs during the 2016 coaching cycle, but just failed in interviews. Miles is trying to maximize his take from LSU while getting back in the game.He got the most of LSU that he could, and he believes he’ll be paid again pretty soon by some other school. KU was paying David Beaty on the lowest end of the Power 5 spectrum, and he still made $1.7 million. Group of 5 schools might be relatively cash-strapped, but even if Miles is angling for a Conference-USA, MAC, or Sun Belt job, he’d certainly be able to make more than $1.6 million per year, given his credentials.A former national champion head coach could perhaps hope to make at least $3 million a year with a new deal Andy Levitre Jersey , even at Kansas, which agreed in 2011 to pay Charlie Weis $2.5 million per year. And if Miles were to stick around in such a gig for four years, he’d have nearly doubled his dollars over what the buyout would’ve paid him.There’s another theory here as well:Either way, one could argue LSU probably got a bargain here too, and not just financially. It saves them some headlines over the next five years about how they’re still paying him, Weis-style. The $1.5 million is a pretty easy check to just get Miles off the books forever.But Miles’ side of the plan is all contingent on him actually getting that payday from another school. That’s still an if.Miles was largely quiet during the 2017 cycle, leaning into some opportunities to market his personal brand, but he’s clearly ready to get back in the game. At 65 years old, he doesn’t have a ton of time left to cash in on coaching.Falcons vs. Saints: How (and can) Atlanta stop Alvin Kamara? Alvin Kamara is a great running back. I think we can acknowledge that and still loathe him for his association with the Saints, and so we shall. The question this week is how the Falcons plan to stop him Authentic Devonta Freeman Jersey , and whether that plan will be successful.The good news is that Kamara has scuffled a bit in back-to-back weeks on the ground, with 21 carries for just 75 yards, though he’s scored twice. The bad news is that he’s doing his usual fine work through the air, with 15 receptions for 165 yards already. Were this the same crew on defense as a year ago, I’d be pretty confident. The Falcons knocked Kamara out of the first meeting in 2017—I’m not endorsing that, just saying—which meant his numbers were quite low. The second time around, Kamara managed just 2.7 yards per carry and 32 yards on the ground, though he did get seven receptions for 58 yards. That was when Deion Jones and Keanu Neal were roaming the field, however, and much has changed since then.How should the Falcons stop Kamara?They need to focus on him. Obviously Michael Thomas and the other Saints receiving options are plenty capable Youth Ricardo Allen Jersey , but this secondary remains very good, and a year ago the team managed to not let Thomas kill them, even if he was quite good. Kamara needs to be priority #1, and whenever possible, he needs to have someone dedicated to keeping an eye on him.In an ideal world, that’d be Deion Jones, but Jones isn’t in this game. That means it’s probably going to fall to Duke Riley and whoever else Marquand Manuel and Dan Quinn feel can handle such an onerous task, and the Falcons would be wise to switch things up if they’re burned early. As good as Drew Brees is and as good as this New Orleans offense can be, Kamara is still the biggest single threat in this game. If they get away from paying extra attention to him, he’ll likely make them pay. Will the Falcons be able to stop Kamara? This is a much trickier question to answer. Based on last week’s performance , if Riley has coverage responsibilities for Kamara it’s going to get hairy. Riley was game but made the wrong decision too many times against the Panthers and wound up either out of plays or making miscues that turned into big plays. The Falcons are asking an awful lot of him at the moment, but they don’t really have an obvious alternative unless they’re ready to move on to Foye Oluokun already. Riley will still probably get first crack at Kamara, but chances are good he’s going to wind up surrendering some significant yardage unless he’s made a drastic leap in a single week. The Falcons could then try putting Damontae Kazee or Foye Oluokun on him, or they could really go for it and put him up against one of the team’s cornerbacks who are equipped to deal with him. That’ll likely only become an option if he’s killing the Falcons, though, which unfortunately does seem like a legitimate possibility.I think ultimately the Falcons will find a way to keep Kamara from being the primary reason they lose this game. I also think he’s going to have a strong effort overall, and this week might determine whether Duke Riley stays in Deion Jones’ job going forward or not.

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