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notice. In extreme situations,

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notice. In extreme situations,

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Doom Rafael Marquez Mexico Jersey , doom, doom - gloom, gloom, gloom Oribe Peralta Mexico Jersey , oh woe is me, the economy is shot, businesses are failing, no one's spending money. Maybe I should just curl up into a ball and cry.

And if we believed everything in the media Orbelin Pineda Mexico Jersey , we should do just that. But is this reality or just an illusion we've collectively created for ourselves?

Sure, things are bad in certain sectors, but there are lots of people making hay too.

Take local retailer JB Hi-Fi who last month posted a 41 per cent rise in first-half profit, up from $41.9 million to $59 million despite the economic gloom.

And as two senior financial journalists I was listening to yesterday put it Miguel Layun Mexico Jersey , "What's happening in the world is not terminal - it's more akin to a bad case of three day flu. However, if we keep beating it up (and they admitted the media is responsible for lots of this), it could well tip over the edge and we'd fall into the chasm."

So now more than ever if you're in business, get out there and market yourself. Shake some trees - and collect the fruit. It's all around you.

Remember Marco Fabian Mexico Jersey , small consistent steps - ring some prospects, follow up clients, send out emails, faxes Jose de Jesus Corona Mexico Jersey , letters - whatever - will bring in business. Just do it!

Have you ever noticed that once you donate to a charity you'll get lots of telemarketing calls from other ones too?

We'd probably get at least one or two calls a week. And while it sometimes does get a bit much, as marketers there's lots we can learn from them.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Barbara answer the phone. Just listening to snippets of her conversation I figured it must be a charity.

Then she bursts out laughing and says, "Okay Jonathan dos Santos Mexico Jersey , how much and send it over".

Naturally I'm more than a bit curious - well wouldn't you be?

"That was the Guide Dogs. They reminded us that just under three years ago we'd bought a first aid kit from them and the ointments were due to expire. And for only $21 for 30 items we could replace the contents of the kit". So she bought it.

Very clever marketing!

Let's look at what they did?

First of all we've bought stuff from them before. So we're a customer. They sold us something that has a shelf life - which means they can contact us to restock the item.

Now lots of businesses have products that have self lives. But they don't keep track of their customers, don't contact them to suggest restocking and don't have a "hook" - where you feel good about making the purchase as you're helping support those cute Guide Dogs.

And the Guide Dogs aren't the only ones who do this. About a year ago we bought a teddy bear from Care Flight - he came dressed like an Aussie Bushman - complete with Akubra. Recently we got another call asking if we'd like the latest item (I think it was a fireman bear) as we'd bought the other one.

This time I didn't succumb - I couldn't "bear it"

But the lessons are clear. The charities are past masters at using human emotions to get us to fork out money. They play on our sense of guilt, love, pride Jesus Molina Mexico Jersey , and there are people so many more unfortunate people that you can help etc.

And above all they keep track of their customers - what we bought, when we bought it, how much we spent, how often we spent etc.

They ask us for permission to call back. They then do so. It's a numbers game. Sometimes they get lucky and we buy.
But above all Jesus Manuel Corona Mexico Jersey , they take action.

What's it like in your business? Do you just wait for the phone to ring or do you get out there and actively market yourself, consistently.
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Rashid Kotwal is an international speaker and author who specializes in on-line and off-line strategies for direct response marketing and sales optimization. He works with sales organizations want to get more business, faster and with less wasted effort. You can find more information at Sales & Marketing Consulting and Get Clients Online Fast.
Copyright Rashid Kotwal.

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? Lots of people get tooth aches from time to time. Most are minor in nature and go away on their own. But sometimes it happens that people don?t go for regular dental check-ups which result in rotting of the cavities. This cause severe tooth ache that arrives without notice. In extreme situations, dental decay may lead to the formation of a dental abscess which causes extreme pain. Calling an emergency dentist is necessary in case of such severe tooth ache.

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