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Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 is available for sale in advance

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Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 is available for sale in advance

Повідомлення blair2019 » 11 серпня 2018, 17:04

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,For those who like BMX, wouldn't you be unfamiliar with Nigel Sylvester? He has a follower of mastering BMX's various difficult skill moves, and he has also opened up his popularity in the trend circle. Earlier, it was reported that Nigel Sylvester will work with Jordan Brand to bring the co-branded series to the Air Jordan 1 prototype, but the shoes have not been physically exposed, but the description shows that the shoes are mainly red, silver and white. It is reported that Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG will be released on August 22, which is ahead of the news announced earlier. Friends who want to start should make preparations early! The photos shared by Nigel Sylvester Instagram can feel his preference for Air Jordan 1. I believe that the physical map of the shoes will not disappoint you.

Ocean joint Parley x adidas Ultra Boost New black and white color exposure. A change to the blue theme of the previous ocean combination, the color scheme is a classic black-faced white background. The upper is still woven from environmentally friendly yarns. If you look closely, you will find that it is not pure black. The woven pattern is actually hidden in blue. Compared with the blue theme, it is more versatile and has hidden color effects. Friends who like black and white have a new choice.

A few months before the official launch of the second pair of Yeezy Boost 700, the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Mauve” has previously reported that the recently announced sneaker account yeezymafia has updated the offering information.The overall style of the shoes is dark gray, the upper is matched with black, and the midsole still retains the bright fluorescent yellow accents. As early as March of this year, there have been photos taken by the media on the grandfather's foot. The photos in the photo show that the grandfather is in a good mood, not only smiles but also cooperates with the V-hand.

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