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Milan get ready to grab this summer.

Додано: 10 лютого 2018, 13:10
AC Milan midfielder Ander Herrera, the Manchester United midfielder, added this summer. To win the race with Lucas and Riccardo Montoro in the next season, the Spanish national team is estimated at 32 million pounds."Red-Black Demon" AC Milan giants of the Serie A Serie A news that will be prepared to pay big money grab Ander Herrera midfielder "Red Devils" Manchester United club. The giants of the Premier League. To add to this summer. According to a report on Saturday, February 10th.Milan paid more than 150 million pounds (6,750 million) on the summer. But they are preparing to fund again in July. And hope the new midfielder grabbed a position in the middle with Lucas Baja and Riccardo Montolivo in the next season. sbobet24